Finishes for 2014

2014 has been a very quiet year around my sewing machine ... hopefully I will get some photos in here before the end of the year .. 

A Christmas in July swap completed .. YAY!!!

this is setting off to take up residence in Canada ... off in the mail and flying high for awhile ... hope my partner likes it as much as I do .. 

these three quilts I made for my daughter to give to her friends who where having babes
it was such a thrill to think she thought my work was good enough to give to her friends 

this was such a fun quilt to make ...

a sweet little heart applique quilt .. 

these are a couple of placemats I made from the 12" Swap blocks ... 
hubby really loves them ... 
and so did the son but he is not allowed to have them 

These are the simple little library bags I made for 3 of my grandies in January ... 2 were for the little ones starting school for the first time .. and Stephie's was so she didn't feel left out ... it was hard enough that she couldn't go to school .. 

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