Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hello ...

I have been absent for a wee while ... I have been unable to gain access to my blog .. I tried every password I knew I had used over the years .. and knew I had it written down in a safe place .. you know the place ... it is so safe even you can't find it ... well that is what I thought I had done ... but no ... nothing that simple ...

Now for 12 plus month I have been trying to get into my blog ... my google password was working on my other google things so it totally bewildered me ... so i must admit I had given up ever getting back into it ... Then again tonight/ this morning I found myself here again .. trying again ... going through all the books I have used over the past 10 years with passwords and accounts in them ... and after a couple of hours .. I found a Blogger entry ... password and account/ email for the account ... and ... ok ... here I go again ... you all know I had a stroke a while back .. and I have some damage to my brain ... which in reality I have an issue remembering some things .... and I do tend to get things a bit muddled at times ... and oh yeah .. I forget things ... and apparently I also use the incorrect email address to try to gain access to my blog ... for months and months ... and months ... and I do recall now how I originally did it ..

I was helping out with a block swap group on Facebook ... and they originally started the swaps before Facebook .. so we used a blog to get the information to members .. and I was updating the blog using my Facebook account .. which uses a totally different email addie than my Facebook one ... so .. how dumb do I feel ... all this time I have been locked out because i was using a wrong email ... and I never did think it was wrong because I had bee writing a post and saved it .. switched over to the old swappers blog .. had to log into it and the computer just automatically changed the account over .. and when i tried to go back to mine it would not allow me to return to my half done post ... I was locked out .. because I was not logged on ...

So right about now I am feeling dumber than a bucket of rocks and what do I do when feeling like a massive dumb bucket of rocks ... I post on my blog about it ... sharing with the world that I am a dill .. lol...

Hopefully I will get back in here soon with some updates on what I have been doing ... mainly block swaps because that is within my skill level these days ... ..

I am working on a couple of baby quilts for my great grand daughters .. very basic ones ... ... and a possible big boys quilt for our Harry ... he was 3 last week ... so if I start it now it will hopefully be ready for when he turns 18 ...

See you all soon ..


  1. Well hello Bobbi. So good to see you have it sorted. You are not a dill at all. I'm sure we have all done something silmilar. I know I have. We went through with a similar thing last year. My hubby had a stroke, we closed our business and moved to north Victoria. I have started full time work after 25 years and hubby is back working 2 days a week. Things are looking up.. you will get there. Even sewing only small projects is still progress.

  2. Hi Bobbi sorry i hadnt heard that you had a stroke,hope you are ok now.
    Gee you are not a dill i have done that many a time and my mother has also,so you are in good company my friend,good to have you back ,i have a new blog now also .lov Shez xx

  3. Hello there... good to see you back and that you hadn't actually forgotten you had a blog hahahaha xxx

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