Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Christmas gift ... how gorgeous

OK ... I am not sure why this would be in my posts as a draft ... but it was originally written on November 10, 2015 ... all I can say is ... my mind was still not my own back then .... so i am so so sorry Jo ... I really do love this hanger ... it is so very special ... thank you from the bottom of my heart ...


I am not sure what happened to my last post .. nothing written there that I can see and not a memory of doing it ... but thank you Jo for your sweet post ..

and talking of Jo from .. HERE in blogland .. ... she is such a special lady ... apparently I made mention on one of her posts regarding a beautiful crazy patched coat hanger she had made .... I don't really remember saying anything but I do remember the crazy patch work ... because all Jo's crazy patch is just gorgeous ...

anyway ... I received a lovely parcel in the post a wee while back and in there was the bestest surprise ever ... I thought I should wait til Christmas to open it .. but that thought passed very quickly I am pleased to say ...

these are the beautiful things my sweet friend Jo sent me ..


  1. Good on you. This is a start. Welcome back

  2. Lolz for the way you started the blog, it happens and also happened to me. Btw gift looks really nice. Thanks for sharing it with us