Thursday, August 13, 2015

Time out!!!

Last Wednesday late in the afternoon apparently I had a stroke .. I say apparently because I am not too aware of the events that unfolded ... I thought I was perfectly ok even though I could not get up off the floor ..I know I was really angry with my darling husband because he rang 000 and was telling them all sorts of what I determined at the time were lies about me
But since then I now realise he was not ... All I can say is having a stroke was like nothing else that has ever happened to me ... I was aware of what was going on yet not aware of what was happening to me... I could tell you word for word what was said and done around me but can't explain why this was happening because there was simply nothing wrong .. Not with me anyway ... I was just  fine .. Even though I couldn't get up off the floor I was fine ... I have since worked out  Why I could get up apart from the obvious the stroke... My left side ... Leg and arm no longer worked I could not lift myself nor could I drag myself .. I could not crawl on hands and knees and I could not even push myself along the floor I was very stuck on the floor .. But I kept saying if I could get to the bed I would be able to get on it and I would be fine ... But try as I might I could not get there ... And the positively scary part is if Marcos had gone out like  he was going to instead of waiting for me to go to the loo before leaving Heaven knows where I would be today ... I am recovering very well because I was treated  rapidly and they stopped the damage from going too far .. But I dare say it will be some time before I make a quilt but I intend to beat this ... I will return to my sewing machine and we will be friends again .. This is a promise I have made me... I have a goal ... And it is achievable... Well I believe it is ... And I am looking forward to going home