Friday, January 16, 2015

Finished .. Yay!!

These are the things I finished and posted to my DD for her birthday ... first birthday for the year .. let's see if I manage to remember all of them .. it is a task to do so but I really am going to try .. 

This is the cushion finished ... I think it turned out rather nice ... 

and a quick little mug rug .. 
the butterflies are done 3 dimensional and are very cute

Well that is all I have finished so far .... I do have a couple of other things on the table but are not finished and even if they were I could not show you cos they are for my 'Initial Heart' swap partner ... 

I am also busy organising stuff here for my little holiday down south ... the only problem is I still do not have my travel booked ... I am waiting on a certain someone to let me know exactly when it is I am going ... oh well, the suspense is sort of adding another layer to the excitement ... lol ... I do know this much ... I will be going one day next week ... 

Have a great weekend everyone ... I will be sitting in the air conditioning .. sewing .... and just enjoying myself .. 

What are your plans ??


  1. wow Bobbie love your daughters cushion and that mug rug is very cute,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  2. Both extraordinarily beautiful Bobbie, your daughter is going to flip out with excitement. Well done my friend enjoy your trip down south.

  3. those are both lovely..... good start to the year... have a fun trip...