Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 ... well it is not waiting ...

Time is not waiting for me or anyone else it would seem ... the days and months and years just keep chugging along ... and I guess it is up to us to keep up with them ... or fall miserably behind ... 

well .... I am rather puffed from trying but will keep at it ... for the time being anyway ... 

I have managed to do a bit of sewing ... nothing Earth shattering ... but doing enough to keep hubby from repossessing my sewing room .. lol ... 

All I have done is a few blocks ... one for a swap with QSBA .. the other is a BOM for a Facebook group ... and the last one is for a cushion I hope to have ready for my daughter for her birthday ... need to get that done and in the mail this week .. oh and 2 cardtrick blocks that I made ... I was in a swap awhile back but only recieved 10 blocks and really need 12 to do a quilt top in a reasonable size .. 

ok .. this is one I made for a Facebook quilting group I am in
it is a BOM
I love the red and whites .. I do think this quilt will be stunning ...

 This is a swap block that I made for Sue B 
for the QBSA group ... 
I am very pleased that I am again doing the monthly swaps ..  

 This is the block I recieved from Sue B for the above swap

This is a block that will eventually (in the next couple of days) 
become a cushion cover for my daughter for her birthday ...

Some time back I asked for cardtrick blocks in one of the swaps I was in ... When I pulled them out last week I found I only had 10 ... now I could remove one of those and make a small knee rug .. or .. I could make 2 more and make a more substantial sized snuggle rug .. 

So that is what I did ... and ended up with these 

I just noticed .. this is my 100th blog post ... YAY I made it !!!!


  1. WooHoo... great to see you sewing Boobie xxx

  2. Congrats on you 100th post. You have been busy, great to see you back.

  3. Hi Bobbie congrats on 100 posts and lovely to see you making such beautiful blocks,well done xx

  4. Well someone has been busy ....congrats on reaching 100