Sunday, December 28, 2014

almost the end of another year ...

I have no idea really where this past year has gone ... all I know is I did not do half the sewing I had hoped to do ... so with some luck and a little bit of good management I hope to do a little more this coming year than I got done this past one .. which really won't be too hard at all ... haha

My grandson and his partner came to visit the other day ... Polly Anna's parents .... and they tell me she can no longer be referred to as Polly Anna ... she has a name and it is Carly Jean ... she is also due on the 19th February and will possibly be a larger babe as mummy has diabetes ... and the doctors are already saying Carly is a little on the big size for her age ... mummy is a very little girl .. possibly a size 6  ... she is little and a big baby won't be an easy thing for her to endure .. but she is under a very good doctor and the hospital is an excellent one .. 

I gave her the little diaper bag I made the other day ... and I also gave her a bundle of baby clothes I had here too ... all pink and rather cute ... but some may never get worn due to the size of them ... but I am sure she can gift them to someone else .. 

I also made this today .. just sitting at the machine playing around ... and I think it is rather cute ... and I am certain Harrison will enjoy it ... 

I will have to make another one too ... a pink one for Carly ... haha .... this babies are going to keep me a bit busy I think .... 


  1. Congratulation on the pending arrival of Carly. My 1st granchild arrives March / April 2015. So looking forward to the safe arrival.

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