Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Great Grandie due real soon

And this Grandma has not been very good ... our darling little Harrison's quilt is still but a top and is still hanging around on my wall ... still waiting for borders and finishing ... and the applique of isome characters and I am sure it will get finished ... I am just hoping it will be done before his 18th birthday .... lol

Harrison Benjamin B is due on August 2 .. .... and he is so adorable .. his mummy sends me photos of her 3D scans ... what an incredible thing they are ... you can see his face ... eyes .. nose and mouth and he has the chubbiest of cheeks ... this would have to be my favorite one ... what a sweet little mouth he has ...

isn't he just sooooo cute ... 


  1. not long to go... those scans are amazing....

  2. How exciting is this a great grandie, amazing pics.

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