Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Things are getting better !!!!

Yeah ... things are definately getting better ...

I am feeling almost great ... I certainly can't complain at all ... Marcos has been fantastic .. he truly is my rock ...

The doctor took the PICC line out last week .. and the meds I have been taking are working perfectly and I have another appointment at the hospital next week .. just checking up to see if all is going ok ..

I will need to have more surgery at some stage to try to find the source of this problem .. but as this is not a major necessity at the present time the surgeon is not willing to operate on me at my current weight .. he wants me to lose at least 20 kg before doing anything ... OMG ... that seems like it will be never that I get this done as I have not had much success in losing weight in the past ... and to walk for at least 30 minutes a day ..

What he has suggested is .. a no carb diet ... and from me another OMG ... that leaves very little to eat really .. meats fishes chicken etc are all ok ... as they have no carbs depending on how they are cooked ... then there are veges ... well most of them are out ... as most have some carbs ... most salad is ok although some do contain carbs and again it depends on how it is prepared ... all cereals are out ... no breads .. pasta or rice ... and just about every fruit I have researched has some form of carb in it ... lemons and the peel from lemons and oranges are the only zero fruits ...

I am to see the dietian and get a proper diet plan as I am struggling a bit to find stuff to eat and enjoy .. I like a bit of variation in my meal choices .. and eating eggs everyday for breakie is not really a great idea but I am not sure what else to have ... so I don't know how healthy all this can really be when there is no fruit and few veges that I can actually eat ... but I guess I will loose weight .. just not sure if it is honestly the best way to do it ...

He did also suggest the 'opti-slim' diet shakes and bars for breakfast and lunch .. but they honestly are loaded with carbs ... so I am rather confused ... and for dinner he said an egg white omlette .. ohhhh yummmy ... haha ... sorry but I prefer my eggs with colour ...

All I guess I can do is chat with him again next week .. or wait to talk to the dietian and go from there .. but just watching what I eat and sticking to the lowest of carb foods I have lost 3 kilos ... so that is a bonus ... as I have not been doing too much in the way of  'exercise walking' ... there really is nowhere to do that here ... everywhere is very hilly and sure I can walk down the hills but I would never get back up them with the knees and ankles that I have ... haha ... I am just no way fit enough to tackle any of the up and downs we have here ... but when we go shopping I get Marcos to park at the far end of the car park and we walk that distance .. same for anything else like that .. the further away that we can park the better cos at least I can get that bit of walking in ... and I no longer use the lift at the shopping centre .. we use the stairs or the ramp .. every little bit helps ... and just with the 3 kgs that I have lost I am finding some things easier to do ..

Let's see how I do by next week


  1. Thumps up to you for this much progress! Losing weight is not an easy task. By hard work and devotion you will be able to do it. Your efforts are showing that you are totally committed to your aim.

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