Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why ????

Why am I awake at 4 in the morning ?? .. I really don't know ... I have not been to sleep yet and I got up about 7:30am yesterday .. so it is not like I slept in late ... I spent most of the morning cleaning up my sewing room and  putting things away where they I go instead of being strewn from one end of this little room to the other ... I was finished that around 11 ... then I actually dragged the vacuum out and did the floor ... wow ... who knew I had carpet on this floor ... haha ..

I spent some time in the afternoon making a couple of swap blocks .. got them all packaged up ready to send on monday ... then I finished a couple of little sewing bags ... they are rather cute really ... a friend had one at a quilting day we went to and it seemed very simple to do .. so I started it .. and of course never got around to finishing it ... So today seemed like a good time to finish it off as well as another one that has been sitting for just as long ... waiting ... 

Here are a couple of photos of them .. 

These are the blocks I made .. and tomorrow or is that today ... I have to do another 3 .. then I will be caught up on all those commitments ..

This is the latest block I have received in our swaps ... it is so pretty ... and the photo does not do it justice ... 

Very soon I have to start on a quilt for one of our grandsons .. he turns 18 in April .. and then another 3 turn 18 next year .. so I will have to get a start on them too ...

well I think I am going to go to bed and see if I can get some sleep .. my eyes are very gritty and I have a bit of double vision happening .. haha .. so I am hoping what I have written actually makes sense ... or at the very least .. legible ...

good night everyone .. I do hope you all have a wonderful weekend .. and that if it is raining where you are .. you need the water ... or that you have some sewing you can do ... to pass the wet days away ...


  1. hope you slept well.. the little sewing bags are awesome...

  2. Yeah why are you awake at that time??? Have you caught my ''early morning rise bug"? Love the blocks and the bags are so sweet xxx

  3. Lol! I did a 4am-er the other night ... finished off a cot quilt as a result though, so it was a good result ... Your little bags are adorable!! And such a good idea!! ... The blocks are great .... And well done on getting your sewing room into tip-top shape!!!

  4. I just love those little bags - they are so cute. YOu must have so many swap blocks you must have 100s of quilts ......... lol

    1. Haha .. I wish .. however I do have enough blocks to make a couple of quilts ... this year I am going to do that .. make some ...
      and the bags really are nice ... thank you .. xxx