Friday, February 17, 2012

What I have been up to .. sewing not involved ...

For the last 2 weeks or so .. feels like 2 months ... we have been searching the web for a bus/mobilehome to purchase .. as this time next year we are hoping to pull up stakes and drive off into the sunset ... of course we will have to do some packing and selling and possibly some storage to do this .. but that is the plan ... us .. bus .. sunset ...

Now we are not rich or very famous so our $$ are rather limited so the looking was a little harder than it would have been had we had lots of dosh ... but you take what you can get in this life and be very grateful for it ...

last weekend, after many phone calls and discussions hubby and I caught a greyhound bus to a little place in Victoria about 1400 kilometres from here in Toowoomba ... and we bought ourselves a bus/motorhome ...

It is like me ... rather old but still quite serviceable .. it don't go real fast but when it does move it moves smooth ... its a bit rough around the edges but but nothing a little TLC won't fix ... see ... just like me .. haha ...

and this is a couple of shot of the inside ... sorry they are not a very good ones .. 
but will give you a little idea of what she is like ... 

There is a double bed at the back .. with a couple of cupboards for our clothes and a small linen cupboard ... plenty of hanging space .. with an air con on the back wall above the bed .. it is big enough to do the whole bus ... there is a shower and toilet at the rear as well ... and an automatic washing machine .. it is a wee little one but will do at least a couple of days clothing ... the kitchen has a full size refrigerator .. gas cooker and oven... lots of cupboards and a full size sink .. a hot water unit too ... there are a couple of nice chairs at the table .. these recline back for watching the television that came with as well ... we do have to do a little bit of work to her .. like a couple of tyres ... the brakes also need a bit of repair too ... we want to put solar power on it .. but that will probably be down the road abit ... there is also an awning on the side of the old girl which will come in nice and handy when we are parked up somewhere near the ocean .. it will give us a little outside shade for cleaning and cooking and eating all those lovely big fish we catch ... hmmm .. have to stop thinking about the ocean and fishing ... and eating the catch ... it is all too yummy ... 

anyway ... that is what I have been doing instead of sewing ... and .. somehow I am not too sorry about it either ... we have been talking about doing this for 32 years ... and finally I can see it all happening ... very excitement I can tell you ... haha 

see .. if you are patient .. things do eventually happen .. 


  1. What a great "ole girl" you have. Great memories to be made it her too I bet!
    Perhaps I'll see you by the seaside one day..
    I'll be in an a-van! :)

    1. I will keep an eye out for you ... down by the seaside xxxx

  2. wow... much bigger than I thought... how fun...

  3. See dreams do come true! Lots of memories to be go girl.

  4. And I will be in a Coromal....... lol
    I think it looks fantastic and the inside looks to be in great nick. Doesn't look very old to me.

    Great times ahead - just get going!!!!!