Wednesday, October 12, 2011

i really suck at blogging!!!! lol

I have been getting little reminders from my sweet friend that my blog is still not been updated .. and as I truly promised I would do something HERE I AM ... haha ...

I really am not very disiplined at all ... at anything really ... like this morning .. I have just finished writing out birthday cards for three of my grandsons ... one had his birthday last month .. one on the 5th of this month and the others birthday is friday .. and his card will also be late as it won't travel fast enough to get there in time ... I really do start the year with good intentions ... but that lasts all of January ... and then it goes down hill from there ... but I am pretty certain once the cards are open and the $$$ fall out the children don't care that the card is late ... gee I don't even think half of them read the card to find out who it is from ... haha .. they are just happy to get the cash ...

I have been doing a touch of sewing ... some block swaps ..which I am pretty sure I am behind in ... and .. a ring cushion for my niece for her wedding last saturday ... I have been asked to make a couple more too ... so maybe I can generate a few $$$ for the grandies birthdays by making these .... I do really enjoy these little cushions ... they are very relaxing and certainly get the creative juices flowing ...

The best part of making this was the look on the brides face when she saw it ... now that really was priceless ....  I love you my darling Lesleigh-Ellen ... and I just know you and your Casey will have a long and very happy life together ....


  1. What a gorgeous cushion!!!! Definitely one to keep as a heirloom and pass down through the generations!! ... I know what you mean about getting behind in the cards/pressies despite the best of intentions! I'm actually thinking of making myself something to help me remember through the year ... something yummy for the eyes so I am tempted to pull it out regularly to check!

  2. Oh I can be hopless too but at least you weren't late with the ring cushion. LOL
    It's lovely

  3. Ohhhh! The ring cushion is truly a real treasure for generations to come. One very lucky bride.

  4. I love the cushion Bobbie.. and am glad your friend has been reminding you... was great to hear from you again and see your pretty work