Thursday, June 30, 2011

back again ...

And so soon too ..

It really is very unusual for me to be blogging again so soon  .. but I received a package from
a lovely friend in North Carolina yesterday and would like to share with you all what I received

Here they are ... 2 of the most gorgeous log-cabin blocks and the teeniest little key charm ... so lovely ... now these blocks are soooo great ... the larger is 6 inches and the weenie one is 3 inches small ...

can you see the little charm there under the blocks .. I tried to get a separate photo of it ..
but it was way too little ... thank you so much Blondie ... I really love these ...

Now this got me thinking about how I could be making some teeny weeny log-cabin blocks with all my scraps .... but I then realised that my scraps were all way too big for these … so .. I went scrounging through all the bits I had previously thrown into my rubbish bin and found so much fabric that I could use in these wee ones ... and ... oh my .. how very wasteful I am ... so much fabric just getting tossed to the tip .... shameful really .. especially when these gorgeous little blocks can be made ..
So I printed off a 3 inch log-cabin foundation paper pieced pattern and proceeded to sew my little bits of scraps into a beautiful block .. and oh my … how lovely it turned out …
I took it to show my Hubby … who was very impressed … so much so that he suggested I should make all different ones … but .. I want to make these …. Oh he said … so the others are all too hard … haha ... that man has lived with me for over 30 years and knows just what buttons to push … so I took up his challenge .. and made 2 others …. A little teenie weenie dimensional pinwheel and a grandmothers fan …. These were the 2 particular blocks he told me would be almost impossible for me to make that small …. HA!!! … I proved him wrong … and I am very pleased I did .. cos now I have these lovely little blocks to add to an ever growing collection of quilt blocks …

I know that they are a bit rough around the edges ... but they were fun to make .. and I think as I continue to make this little beauties .. I will only get better at them ... but ... I really want to make some more of the log-cabin ones before I venture off making others ... I shall not be listening to that man .. he causes me to take up things I really have not got time for .. haha ..


  1. Oh how clever you are! they are wonderful little treasures!
    Well done.

  2. Don't you love how husbands always know what buttons to push! The blocks turned out great! I came from block swap adventures :)

  3. Those are great Bobbie... the ones you received and yours... you are on a mission now..... new craze, new craze


  4. hahahahaha he is so funny Boobie but you are funnier... the wee blocks are so cute xxx

  5. Those are so pretty! and "Oh!" now I know what I want to do for a tiny scraps buster!! Bitty baby log cabins!

  6. well done Bobbie your blocks look great

  7. Blondie is a sweetheart.
    And those little blocks are very cute!!