Sunday, April 24, 2011

wow ..

The year is flying by ... so fast I can hardly keep up .... here it is Easter and I have done nothing really ... well none of the things that I had planned to do this year ...

We have moved tho ... into our own place .. even if it is rented it is ours ... and it does feel good to have my own room to sew in at last ... one with a door which i can close cos the mess is too much to look at .. haha .. it was tidy the other day .... but that was before I started sewing in there ... now there are tubs of fabric out on the floor ... patterns strewn all over the place ... cotton and bobbins out ... oh what fun ... I just love my room ...

I also have my laptop in here too ... which is great cos the desk is in the lounge room and it should stay relatively tidy if i am in here and not out there ... what can I say .. I am a messy messy person .... and .. I hate cleaning ... so ... a door is the perfect solution ...

I have been trying to make a couple of placemats for a raffle ... and sadly am not getting too far with them .. I do need to have them finished by the end of the long weekend ... so that does give me a couple more days .. and maybe I will get them done .... I do hope so ..

And then I have some swap blocks to do ... for both my swapping groups ... and ... also another little thing I have committed to is making some mug rugs for a sweet lady for her to raffle off .. the funds go to cancer so as I am a cancer survivor .. I am only to willing to help out there ... and those I do have a little while to get done ...

But the calendar is filling up fast ... and I have at least 5 quilts to make this year ... lets see if I can do it ...


  1. Creative folk never have a tidy room. Well that is what I tell my self. LOL
    Good luck with finishing the placemats.
    Have a nice Easter Sunday

  2. thank you Maria .... and I will have to remember that about being creative ... and .. tell hubby about it ... i am sure he will get a good laugh ..
    hope you are having a great easter ..

  3. You can do it Bobby i know you can,looking forward to pics of your finished quilts,and welcome to blogland.