Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time is getting away on me !!!

I am busy busy busy ..... and am NOT sewing ... I am trying to get my house tidied up ... sorting more than cleaning .. cos I hate cleaning and will avoid it at any cost .. lol

I have what is left of today and tomorrow to get organised for my trip to hospital ... I do hate going there but this is one of those 'have no choice' things .... It is an op that can't be avoided ... well that is not really true .. I could choose not to have it but that would only lead to further problems down the road .. so ... this Tuesday we head into Toowoomba and spend the night in accommodations and then at 06:45 I check into the surgical ward .... then onto theatre and then back to the ward .. hopefully ... they may send me to the ICU ... but no one knows just yet if that is going to happen or not ... depends on what they do to me and how I respond to what they do ....

Apparently my body does not play nice when under an anaesthetic … they tell me I stop breathing and cause the doctors no end of concern … heeheee … I just want to make sure they earn their pay for the day … lol

I am well past expecting to have a good bill of health … so whatever they find ..  as long as I walk out of the hospital at the end of it all .. with a fair bill of health  .. it will be worth the op and the 6 weeks ‘resting’ afterwards .. even tho we will be in the throws of moving house in the new year … ahhh …. Never a dull moment in the life and times of this old girl …

The one good thing about having this op so close to Christmas is … I am not doing anything for Christmas day … apart from sitting at my son and darling daughter in laws and having a wonderful day with their children ….

If I am not back in before hand … have a wonderful Christmas and may your homes be filled with much love .. laughter .. and peace …..

Hugest of hugs …

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  1. thoughts and prayers with you as you go through the operation
    all the best