Saturday, November 27, 2010

some editing done ....

I just edited one of my earlier posts by adding the following to it ... but I am going to add it here again .. cos I really like this website and what happens there ... it is just plain old fashion fun ... and I reckon we could all do with some of that ...

I joined a most fantastic group .... Australian based and have many overseas members too ... we swap quilting blocks ... i pick the block and colour i want ... as do the other members .. and at the beginning of each month we get our partners ... then we make the block for our partner in their choice of colour and mail it off ... really simple and sooo much fun ... you don't just get lots of blocks .. you also get an opportunity to learn new skills and maybe make a block or two that you never thought you would ever attempt ... fun stuff ... here is a link if you are interested in having some fun ..... Quilting Block Swaps - Australia


  1. Yes Bobbi I love doing my blocks and swapping with all the lovley ladies.

  2. I LoVe it too.... and I look forward to swapping with you one day. Why not visit my blog a leave a comment to enter my giveaway.

  3. thanks Cheryll ... i will do that ... hugs ...

  4. Hi Bobbie
    Thanks for the kind words and promotion, who would have thought when I started this in April it would have grown so, I love getting to know all the ladies both Australian and overseas friends. One can never have to many friends.