Monday, October 4, 2010

it's been a very quiet week ...

on the quilting front .... I have been out all weekend having driving lessons ... for a school bus license .... the place where my DH works needs another driver and I thought I would apply for the job and I got it ... the boss knows I have to get the heavy vehicle endorsements for my license and he is willing to wait ..... so I have booked in for my driving test on the 20th of this month ... so that does not leave a lot of time to learn all the bits one needs to know ... but I am confident .. and so is my driving instructor ... (but me thinks he is a tad bias) ...

The only thing I have done that even resembles quilting or sewing is a bit of online shopping ... lol .... from a wonderful lady in northern queensland ... I just love her shop and one day I am going to pop in for a visit with her ......... she is about 10 hours drive from here ... but only 1 hour from my sons home ... so when I go visit him next I do think I should go see her and just run my fingers over all her wonderful fabrics .... yep .. that is the plan for ... one day .............

But for now I am going to head off to bed .... I am in for another big day tomorrow ..

so goodnight all ....

hugs ... Bobbie


  1. Hi Bobby
    Great to hear from another Aussie, where in north Qld do you live, I have a friend who supplies materials to a lady in Quilpie it would be funny if that was the same store. I live in northern NSW and have been quilting for about 20+ years although I stil have a lot to learn. Good Luck with your license, you are certainly braver than me.

  2. Hi Bobbie

    Found you, and pleased to welcome you to our bloggy world. Quilted hugs, Sue xx

  3. hi bobbie!
    so glad you have joined the block swap! look forward to swapping with you soon and following all your adventures on your blog

  4. Hello Bobbie,

    Are you the Bobbie i have done swaps with on IFQ. If so it is me Ann in Canada. The blog looks great. I hope to read more.
    Cheers Ann

  5. woohoo welcome to the land of blogging Bobbie...

  6. I wish you all the best with your bus license. I could not drive a big bus.
    Loking forward to swapping with you Bobbie.
    thanks for following me

  7. hi Larain .. we are in south west queensland .. and about half way between brisbane and quilpie ... i have a neice who lives out in quilpie ... our son lives up north and i buy from an online place called 'iddybiddy designs' and the lady's name is wendy .. she is a wonderful lady ..

  8. Hi Ann ... yes i am one and the same .... the internet makes the world very small doesn't it .. haha ... i actually pulled out the 'friendship stars' today and thought i must get them sewn together ... but .. have already packed them back away ... for another day ... like the other ten zillion projects i have ... lol

  9. and thank you all for your very warm welcome to blogging ... i hope i can keep it up .. i am not so good at journalling ... but will give it my best shot ...